E.rase U.nemployment, R.eveal. O.pportunities, P.ossess E.ntrepreneurship was a multilateral youth exchange which took place between the 20th and the 28th of January 2012 in Cristuru Secuiesc and Baile Harghita with the participation of 30 youths from 5 different countries: Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Turkey and Slovenia. The main theme of the project was unemployment, besides this, the exchange tackled problems such as undeclared work, migration, the personal and professional development of youths. We also discussed about the possibilities of youngsters in the actual economical and social conditions which dominate Europe and the world.

The program of the project included presentations accompanied by round table discussions, brainstorming, simulations, and role-play activities. These activities contributed to the personal and social development of youths and helped them to realize that they can only become real citizens of Europe if they assume an active role in the solving of the problems Europe struggles with. The project facilitated the development of different key competencies: creativity and entrepreneurship, mathematical and digital competencies, communication in a foreign language, cultural awareness, and civic competencies. Many activities aimed to prepare the youths for the labor market (job interview, job fair simulation).

During the exchange we also get in touch with the local community (interviews with the locals, round table discussion with students and pupils), we participated to several intercultural and free time activities. We had the chance to explore the multiculturalism of Romania by visiting a Saxon and a Sekler city.